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How to Hire the Right Person

Guide for Employers - This PDF [173 KB] document includes all the information you will see in the videos below.

Part 1 Introduction
3:33 minutes
Part 2 Job Description
3:06 minutes

Part 3 Job Ad
2:44 minutes

Part 4 Preparing for the Interview
4:35 minutes

Part 5 Evaluating the Candidates
4:10 minutes

Tools mentioned in the videos above

Part 1 - Introduction
  • Essential Skills - This link will take you to our Essential Skills page.

  • Guide to Writing in Plain Language -This guide will help you write in plain language. We promote plan language for businesses because it helps you to get your message across to the public and to employees in a concise and effective way.

Part 2 - Job Description
  • Essential Skills Activity Sheets - This sheet was created to help employers brainstorm on what skills are needed for a new position. This tool will help you create a sound job description and job ad which will help you hire the right person.

Part 3 - Job Ad

Part 4 - Preparing for the Job Interview

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