You will receive a charitable tax receipt for your donation as we are a Registered Charity.

Inspire a love of reading

  • $50 – One child will recieve a free book a month for a year
  • $150 – three children will receive a free book a month for year
  • $300 – six children will receive one free book a month for a year
  • $10,000 – all the children in a whole community of your choice will receive a free book each month!

Help children who struggle in school

  • $250 – Summer tutoring for one child
  • $500 – Summer tutoring for two children
  • $10,000 – we could hire an extra tutor to work with 35 children.

Remove financial barriers for adults working to improve their lives

  • $750 – One adult learner bursary for someone working toward a GED
  • $1500 – One adult learner scholarship for someone who got their GED and is now enrolleded in post-secondary education
  • $4500 –  six adult learner bursaries
  • $4500 – three adult learner scholarships

Let’s work together to address the hidden literacy crisis in PEI.

READ NOW: Why one Islander donated $35,000 to the PEI Literacy Alliance!

“My hope is that our story encourages others to donate. The need is huge!”

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