Your donation will make a difference

All donations go to free literacy programs in PEI for children and families.

As little as $50 will give one child 12 free books – one book a month mailed to their home.

$150 will give that same child free books for 3 years.

All donations stay in PEI.

Thank you for your generousity.

Literacy opens doors

Donate Securities Online

A donation of securities or mutual fund shares means a larger charitable tax receipt for you. To donate securities now, please call 1-902-368-3620 or click here to donate online.

READ NOW: Why one Islander donated $35,000 to the PEI Literacy Alliance!

“My hope is that our story encourages others to donate. The need is huge!”

Sherwood Business Centre
(Old Ellis Brothers Building)
161 St. Peters Road, Charlottetown

Telephone: (902) 368-3620
Toll-Free: 1-866-827-3620


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